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EDP Engineers and Inspectors, LLC is a windstorm engineering and building inspections firm, based in Houston, Texas.

Established in 2004, by Gerald C. Reece, P.E, the firm specializes in providing windstorm/structural consulting services for residential, commercial and industrial structures.

We provide these services to a diverse range of clients across multiple Texas counties, especially to coastal counties and Greater Houston area based home owners, builders, architectural firms and real estate leasing companies.

EDP Engineers and Inspectors have more than two decades of experience in structural engineering design and inspection services. Our engineering team is excellent in the Foundation design and Structural analysis for Windstorm mitigation of homes in the Inland II, Inland I, and seaward regions.

Our Inspections team offers Windstorm Inspections, Roof Inspections, Phase Inspections, Draw Inspections and Elevation Surveys.

Over the years, team EDP has developed excellent insight to see through the structures and systems, which get most affected during massive Hurricanes in Texas. Our experience has taught us to predict and anticipate potential windstorm hazards and problems that are not always obvious to a normal eye.

Home buyers in Texas always need a sense of security, to be aware of what current and future problems might be lurking in their potential home before they would want to purchase it.

EDP Engineers and Inspectors provide you the necessary feedback and support to make an informed decision, whether you buy a new home or require engineering support to Repair existing home.

We also have an excellent network of firms, who can provide you the best manufacturing and installation of framing for your home.

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