Top 5 Reasons to hire TWIA Certified Inspector

As per the recent declaration by the authorities in the state of Texas, about 14 coastal counties located on the east of highway 146, are designated catastrophe prone area. It has further been proposed, that the homeowners need to cover their properties against windstorm and hail damage and ensure proper inspection from a certified windstorm inspector, Texas.

If you plan to hire a commercial windstorm inspection firm in Greater Houston or surrounding areas, for inspection of PCA or Windstorm Inspections, then it would be wise to hire a TWIA certified inspector for a number of reasons. Read further to know more on the reasons to hire a certified PCA inspector.

1. An Eye for Details

Although, you may come across many inspectors from many of the top windstorm inspection firm in Texas; yet there can be a big difference, in the level of their skills and experience. A certified inspector has an eye for details.

In most of the cities including Greater Houston, an engineer needs to have a 4-year degree, along with a letter of a recommendation from peers to avail a license. Apparently, minimum license requirement in smaller cities is lesser. A person from real estate background, in a small city, can perform windstorm inspection in Texas.

Moreover, further considering the long-term investment that you may put in your small or mid-sized commercial property in Greater Houston; it can be possible that all your concerns related to safety as well as damage may not be resolved.On the contrary, a certified commercial inspector can detect the engineering flaws and help you to avoid any losses through scientific risk analysis.

2. Regulatory Compliance Guide

Regulatory compliance is an important part in acquiring a Windstorm Insurance plan for your property. Obtaining certification for big commercial properties could be cumbersome, unless you appoint a TWIA approved inspector for commercial properties. He can be a guide through various regulatory clauses and give you the best advice to secure your property and investment.

3. Property Condition Assessment

Property Condition Assessment or PCA Texas, are gaining traction as an inspection package that is quite exhaustive. The certified PCA inspectors are experts at detecting structural defects developed over a period of time. In the Greater Houston a professional PCA inspections firm is most sought after and brings lots of value.

4. Environmental Site Assessment

Another set of necessary inspections routine in Texas are the Environmental Site Assessments or ESA. ESA Phase 1 in Greater Houston is an essential requirement for set up or renewal of certifications for commercial and industrial projects. A windstorm inspection professional is likely to identify ESA issues for the industrial building inspection, Greater Houston and suggest remedial measures.

5. Reassurance of Higher Resale Value

While, a certified home inspector in Greater Houston may cost you a little bit extra in the beginning, in a long run, he saves a lot of cost overheads. As a matter of fact, some defects can be spotted easily, such as leakage or cracks under the roof. However, some defects are invisible to a normal eye, such as hairline cracks, as they can only be detected by certified inspectors.

TWIA certified inspector, Greater Houston are trained properly to detect faults or safety issues, through their own structural evaluation of the property as per principles of civil engineering. Thus, when you seek the expertise of a TWIA certified inspector; you get guidance and a reassurance that your property is safe from an engineering point of view.

Once your property is windstorm inspected whether be residential, commercial or of industrial use then, its credibility in the real estate market place goes up. If in case, you wish to sell your Greater Houston commercial property then it is highly probable that you would get a better deal, because a TWIA certified inspector could make all the difference.

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