Seminar – Windstorm Resistance Structure Design at GHBA Education Center Houston

In an effort to sensitize the Houston engineering community, GHBA is organizing a seminar on Windstorm Resistance Structure Design. The seminar will be delivered by two industry experts, Mike Babin, Texas Department of Insurance & Srinivasan Pillaipakkam P.E, DPIS Builder Services

The program shall focus on TDI – Windstorm Program, its latest updates and certification process. Information shall be provided on the TWIA designated catastrophe zones from the engineering and construction perspective. Differences between construction in non TDI jurisdiction areas and the designated catastrophe zones will also be discussed.

The core concern of coastal areas is the requirement of wind resistant structural design, so Wind resistant design of residential structures will be discussed along with a brief introduction to wind resistance requirements for commercial structures.

The essential use of Building codes while designing wind resistant structures and applicability of jurisdiction, permitting issues will also be under focus. For engineers involved in residential engineering design of structures, will get to discuss “Minimum design loads for Buildings and other structures 7-05″.

For construction professionals, the revisions to building codes IRC and IBC by the state of Texas shall also be discussed. The construction methods which comply as per TDI rules shall also be investigated. This is a good occasion for construction professionals to make GHBA aware of the practical issues they face on the field.

Attention shall be brought to the structural design of residential structures, the Foundation and Frame which majorly affect the building design and cost. Introduction to components and cladding elements in a structure will also be given in brief. Methods and practices which help minimize cost of construction shall be discussed.

For residential and building inspectors, various aspects of TDI approved windstorm services will be open for discussion. The Compliance perspective to TDI approved inspection program will be explained. The design, installation and inspection of building components and TDI approved products, methods and inspection procedures will the subject of structural investigation.

Lastly, the seminar shall discuss common strategies for Seaward, Inland I and Inland II zones, the concepts and criteria for selection of various structural members such as Windows, Exterior doors, Garage Doors, Roof Shingles, Siding, Brick, Stucco and more. A brief introduction to cladding in non-residential structures will also be given.

Team EDP shall be attending this seminar to stay updated on latest structural practices for Windstorm engineering and Windstorm inspection in Greater Houston. Hope to see you there.

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