Begin Your New Year with Windstorm Inspection

Wish you a very Happy New Year 2019!

So what is the most important thing that you plan to do in this coming New Year?

As professional home inspectors in Texas, we recommend that you get your home inspected for windstorm certification, TX.

The Windstorm season brings lot of anxiety every year because, it is during this season, that the probability of occurrence of Windstorms, Hurricanes and Tornados is maximum. So from the point of view of a Texas professional inspections firm, the beginning of an year, is the best time to plan for Windstorm Insurance, for your home and office buildings.

TWIA (Texas Windstorm Insurance Association) has introduced a number of residential and commercial insurance plans which suit your requirement. It is good time to call a professional home inspector in Texas, like EDP Inspectors to visit your residence and do a complete structural analysis of your property.
There are a number of Windstorm terms and conditions that need to be fulfilled in order to secure WPI 8 and WPI 8c certificate for your property. As the best home inspection firm in Greater Houston area, we suggest you the right structural measures to update your property to acquire the TWIA windstorm certification.
EDP Engineers and Inspectors also offer structural analysis and design services to help correct the defects developed over a period of time due to erroneous engineering design or workmanship errors during construction phase.

In the Greater Houston area, EDP Inspections have done numerous inspections, that have helped our clients acquire knowledge, of the structural status of their property and take remedial measures. Most of the people are unaware of the benefits of home insurance or the best insurance plan applicable on their property.

EDP helps in identifying the right insurance plan on the basis of many factors, such as location, size, type and complexity of your property. Apart from Home and Commercial building inspections in Greater Houston, we also do 203k consulting TX, Roof inspections Tx and Window inspections in Greater Houston.

Our inspection and engineering team work in collaboration to suggest you all the feasible measures to make your qualify TWIA windstorm insurance criteria. It is our endeavor to provide Turnkey Windstorm Consulting solutions beginning this new year.Turnkey Windstorm Consulting for Residential & Commercial buildings shall have:

1.   Professional Windstorm Inspection
2.   Structural Analysis and Redesign
3.   WPI Certifications

Would it not be a great idea to get your home windstorm insured in the month of January itself and be at peace for the entire year?

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